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White Tiger on Snow Mountain: Stories

White Tiger on Snow Mountain: Stories - David Gordon They say there are no coincidences, that nothing in this world truly happens by accident. So perhaps, deep down, i really meant to show my penis to my entire class. After all, that one seeming mistake began the adventure that changed my life.

So... This book consists of thirteen short stories:

1. Man-Boob Summer
2. We Happy Few
3. What I’ve Been Trying to Do All This Time
4. Su Li-Zhen
5. I, Gentile
6. Vampires of Queens
7. Matinee
8. I Think of Demons
9. Hawk
10. Retrospective
11. White Tiger On Snow Mountain
12. Literature I Gave You Everything and Now What Am I?
13. The Amateur

Or at least thats what it says in the table of contents. I never really found "White Tiger On Snow Mountain", there's a mention of the title in "Retrospective", but not a short story per se. So I don't know.

All the stories are about writers and readers, and that would be great except that I get the feeling that all the stories were about the same reader and writer: David Gordon. So there are moments where everything feels too egocentric. There is even a story where the protagonist is a writer named, yes, David Gordon...


In general, the writing is beautiful, the problem is the plot of the stories. I really liked "We Happy Few", "Su Li-Zhen", "Literature I Gave You Everything and Now What Am I?", and loved "Vampires of Queens" (Actually, is only for this stories that I gave the book 3 stars). But the others were almost painful to read.