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Avoiding Commitment

Avoiding Commitment - K.A. Linde oh oh oh.. well. This book has everything: romance, drama, twists and a fabulous soundtrack.

At first, when i see the cover, I thought: "not another book where all the history is about the characters in bed, please".
Now, after reading it, I completly understand when people say : Don't let the cover fool you. Or something like that.

Even though at the beginning I did not really understand what was going on, the way that the chapters alternate between flashbacks and the present, really make people to get quickly immersed in history. I had to stop reading this book several times because I could not believe what was happening. All I wanted was to take Lexi and Jack, mount them on a plane (or private jet) and leave them on a deserted island to force them to be together ... and ALONE.

But as they were revealing more details, I could just scream mentally: LEAVE HER ALONE. LEAVE HER ALONE.

I feel like I can not talk about Jack and Ramsey without saying more than I should, so I just say that, when I finally realized where Ramsey had met Lexi, I had to go back and read again, and I hit my head while I asked myself: how I did not notice before?

Although Lexi can be, and it is, quite frustrating, I must say that all the characters are very well written. And I like the change of heart that can produce this book, where you start feeling something for a character and end up feeling the opposite.