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Poisoning with words

Primero leo, luego reseño, después existo.

Stupid Girl

Stupid Girl - Cindy Miles Only in the first 12% of the book, I found:

• Four mentions of the "strange" eyes of Brax.

1. “And those eyes are so freaky creeping weird.”

2. Brax Jenkins’s peculiar eyes stared down at me from the doorway.

3. I hurried and shifted my eyes back to his, only to find a knowing gleam in those strange blue irises.

4. I stared at the thin band of silver on my finger, then the clear blue of his odd eyes.

THIRTEEN (!!!) mentions of the way that Brax talk. No kidding, 13 mentions in only 12% of the book. Editors, where are you? Like, ok, I get it, he has an accent. Now, MOVE ON.

1. The way he said sweetheart came out like sweethaht. Pardon, pahdon.

2. "Least you can do for charging my nuts with your knee.” Chahgin’.

3. “Fucking retards.” Fahkin retahds.

4. “What’d you do that for?” Whah’d you do that fah?

5. “I saw that smile you was tryin’ so hard to hide.” Hahd to hide.

6.“You’re one of those wicked smart girls, aren’t ya?” Smaht.

7. “Don’t forget,” Fahget.

8. “Scar?” Scah.

9. “I’d argue with you.” Ahgue.

10. “A fuckin’ yard sale?” The way Brax said fahkin’ yahd was kinda funny.

11. His sharp accent and cocky remark took me off-guard.

12. His accent was strong and vulgar, yet … charming.

13. I noticed then that the letter R simply didn’t exist in Brax’s vocabulary.


And, of course, there's instalove.

How had he affected me so fast? Now that was a real talent. Day one with Brax Jenkins, and I was already thoroughly kissed, charmed .

After all that, I couldn't keep going. Seriously I COULDN'T. Every time I read a sentence I felt that one of my gray cells died.

Why publishers are determined to continue publishing books that are so bad?

Just dreadful.

Maybe it gets better more ahead, but you know what:


Stupid Girl? Yeah, that's me, for picking up this book.