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Since Forever Ago

Since Forever Ago - Olivia Besse Here, Olivia Besse (the author) said that the characters in this book "portray what new adults are actually like". Well... Let me tell you something, I am a "new adult", I am 23 years old, and definitely I do not act like the characters in this book. They are supposed to be 21-year-old, but behave like kids in a extremely childish way; but that's only problem number one. Problem number two is that they're unrelatable. And problem number three is that they're also unlikeable.

Let me give you a few examples:

“Are you cheating on me?” Riley squeaked out, staring at him in dismay.

“Yea,” Noah admitted before letting out a tired sigh. “Yea, I am.”

Just tell me you’re sorry and everything can go back to the way it was. We can just forget that you ever said any of this and brush it off as if it were no big deal.

Your boyfriend of 6 six years just told you that he cheats on you, with several girls I must add, and you think "tell me you’re sorry and everything can go back to the way it was". Really? Sorry, but right there I lost all the respect for Riley... and the desire to continue reading. And that was in page 2.

Just one hour after that, Riley decides that she need a "breakup spirit guide", someone who teach her how to date and what the boys want. Because SHE CAN'T BE SINGLE. Cause being single is something terrible. Right...

So of course, Max, who is his BFF and love her since forever ago, offers to help. And gives her some advices:

First, guys love it when girls are clingy and really emotionally invested. Jealousy is supposedly really hot too, because it shows them how much you want them.

Second, swear, burp as loudly as physically possible and shotgun as many beers as you can hold without vomiting all over yourself. Throw in the word ‘bro’ during conversations, and act like you know a lot about sports and their favorite teams, even if you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Third, guys like it when a girl is as dumb as a sack of rocks. They want to hear shrieks and giggles and ‘oh my God’s like there’s no tomorrow.

Max does that because that way she will have enough terrible dates and will start to hate all guys in general, and in the meantime he will act like the perfect gentleman. SO CLEVER. And OF COURSE Riley believe that's the right thing to do. Why wouldn't she? She is ONLY 21 YEARS OLD, AND OH SO NAIVE.


That's the kind of thing that maybe a 15-years-old would believe, but a 20 something?Yeah, when you are in your 20s you can be a little immature and silly sometimes, that's a given. But unless you have a serious mental problem, you never, ever, ever, are gonna believe that shit.

Then we have this little quote that Riley and Max say to each other:

“I loved you even before I knew what love even was,” Max replied, his cheeks turning pink as he turned to her with an earnest expression.
“Lie or no lie?” she whispered, staring down at the leaves on the ground so as to avoid his gaze.
“No lie.”

Why this seems so familiar? OH YES, MOCKINGJAY. I was not a fan of the "real or not real" thing, and definitely I'm not a fan of the "lie or no lie", either.


But the straw that broke the camel was:

Riley hadn’t given much thought to her future. Deep inside, a part of her had always assumed that Noah would just take care of her once they graduated from college. […] Now that she and Noah were done, so were her dreams of becoming a pathetic little housewife who spent her days at yoga class or in front of the TV. Fuck, was she going to have to become an actual contributing member of society?


This was soooo bad.

In a side note: if an author need to write a disclaimer explaining what she meant by writing a story, there's something really wrong with the writing. Because how it's possible that people read everyday about ghosts, vampires, werewolves, mermaids and what not, and feel that the story is believable and relatable, but for some reason there are a lot of people that read this book that is about young people just being young and don't find it credible.